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Information to the region Halle / Leipzig

 The region Halle - Leipzig - Dessau - Merseburg - Wolfen - Bitterfeld - Delitzsch - Weissenfels - Naumburg has far more than 2 million inhabitants.

 Nowadys, the infrastructure of the area is developed extremely well. Halle and Leipzig have newly reconstructed railway stations with intercity express connections. Moreover, the 24 hour-aiport Leipzig/Halle is very closely situated at the crossing of the A9/A14 motorways. BMW and Porsche have established new producing facitilites in the area.

 Additionally, there exists an intercity transport between Halle and Leipzig by railway every 30 minutes, which goes via the airport. Halle and Leipzig are surrounded by a nearly closed ring of motorways.

 In near future, the largest lake in Saxonia-Anhalt will be formed in the south of Halle. Moreover, several lakes in the north and south of Leipzig were created during the process of recultivation of former surface mines. 


 All of the waters are interconnected by channels and can be used by canoeists. 

 Halle has already a port in the district of Trotha at the Saale river. In Leipzig, there are intentions to built a new port and to finish the channel connection to the Saale river.

 Both cities have new large fairgrounds. The cultural budgets of Halle and Leipzig are more than doubled compared with cities in the Western part of Germany. This stands for itsself.

 Approximately 20.000 students are registerated at the Martin Luther-University, the college for art and design “Castle Giebichenstein” and at other colleges. Leipzig has more than 30.000 students.

  In the region there live 5% foreigners. Annually, there is on an average of 450 ml precipitation (half of that in Munich). 


general information

 The intention of this site is to promote and advocate the proper use of empty historical and architectural monuments. I understand historical in its genuine sense, what means that most of the buildings are labelled as historical monuments, but not all.

 This site does not claim to list all historical buildings in te areas completely. It is a beginning and will be supplemented expanded on the federal states of Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony and Thuringia, Eastern Germany, Germany and , as a last stepp, on the countries of "new Europe " (Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Baltics, Russia ...)

  Please note, this is a non-commercial site. I am not an estate agent, architect or monument conservator and no fotograph. My love is purely dedicated to the region and these wonderful biuldings. I am always thankful for suggestions, tips and criticism related to this site. Lease contact me via:


 6 years passed from the first idea to the generation of this site in smmer 2003. Unfortunately, some of the buildings were destroyed and some burnt down. Moreover, there is nobody who intends to reconstruct these beautiful buildings. I would like to want to try to bring together owners, putative investors, customers and potential hirers.

 I would like to promote self-supporting projects because the cities and federal states have not the money to contribute to the reconstraction. However, all dues spent for the reconstration of historical and architectural monuments yiled tax cuts (§ 7i,  income tax law). The buildings are very cheap and most of them can be affordable for about 1 €.

 I request all property owners for their authorisation to show these photos. It is not my intention to recommend your property for sale! I only want to focus your attention on the possible break-up of the architectural heritage.


 Almost all objects are empty. Some are partly used, but in my opinion not in such a way, they should.

 The objects are listed according to districts and cities and ,additionally, to construction types.

 My intention is to give you some first-line information. All potential investors requiring further information are requested to come to the region. It would be a pleasure for me to accompany you.

 Discuss your projects with architects and companies deriving from this region. I can bring you into contact with architects who have references in the reconstruction of historical buildings on request. My hope is to conservate some of these unique historical by bringing ownwers and potetntial investors together. Such buildings are in high demand in prospering cities like Berlin or New York. In Berlin and Leizig have been built many new loft appartements during the last years. In Halle there they start soon to reconstruct the old urban storehouses in the Sophienhafen.

 Credits and mortgages are quite cheap now and the emplloyee´s wages are lower compared to the Western Germany.

 The public authorities will readily cooperate with you. I hope to attract creative and innovative people for the region who will facilitate the wealth and growth. Nowadays, it is not necessary to live in the city centres of Berlin,Duesseldorf, Frankfurt or Munich because of the increasing possibilities provided by outsourcing and telework. There is no need for high rents and a depressing narrowness. Everybody needs room and air for recreation. This is best found in former castles, lofts, water towers or in a water mill. Furthermore, eccentric offices are a good reputation. The new glass palaces which were generated by computer  mouse have often no soul and will be ragged in a few decades.

 All of the buildings shown on these photos had been built during the course of years and their walls can tell a history of sweat and griefs. Let´s protect these valuable, intriguing and unique objects


Copyright / right-hand side: the data bank is protected in her totality in copyright matters.

Imprint / author: Ralf Liebegott, Bernhardystrasse 44, Germany-06110 Halle/Saale

email: Tel.:Germany(0049)(mobilphone) 0178-5685382


technical information           informations to the region Halle / Leipzig

general information to the intension of the site


And here you are directly linked to the objects, according to construction types:

 wind-mills   water-mills   water-towers   churches   factories,works,warehouses,..

castels, manors, yards, mansions        guesthouses, restaurants

Department stores, movies, petrol stations, railway stations, transformer stations, row houses, ect.


split after regions:


 destrict of the city of Halle (approx. 90 objects)       destrict Saalkreis (approx. 35 objects)

destrict Merseburg-Querfurt (approx. 30 objects)   destrict Mansfelder Land  (approx. 6 objects)

       destrict Bernburg  (approx. 10 objects)     destrict Koethen  (approx. 5  objects)

 destrict Bitterfeld  (approx. 4 objects)        destrict Weissenfels, Burgenlandkreis, Zeitz  (approx. 3 objects)

  destrict Magdeburg     destrict Dessau     destrict Aschersleben-Stassfurth    (approx. 4 objects)



  destrict of the city of Leipzig + country (approx. 25 objects)

   destrict Delitzsch (approx. 13 objects)        destrict Muldentalkreis  (approx. 1 objects)


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Thank you for translation in english to Hendrik Schmidt , Halle